KaefiBOT is back!

Heya everyone,

It's been a while now since I offered my chatbot for download here on itch.io in an much older version and since then not much has happened here. 

Not least because my chatbot had its very own update service and the software updated itself automatically with this. Unfortunately the cost of running servers in my region has increased a lot in the last few months (mainly due to electricity they say) which makes it no longer possible for me to run said update service in the long run. Therefore you will find more often uploads and newer versions here on itch again.

The chatbot has also been renamed to its original project name and is therefore now called KaefiBOT again! The renaming is not yet completed everywhere, so it may happen that you will find the name "KaefGAMES #StreamManager" e.g. in OAuth. It will probably take a while until this process will be finished completely and everywhere. Thank you for your understanding.

Let's get to the changelog for version 1.9.1

  • IMPROVEMENT (CLIENT): The Info-Center now opens and uses the activity feed instead of a drop-down menu ! You will now also see the latest followers, subs, donations etc in your activity feed after program start if you click on the two chat-bubbles (Info-Center). :)
  • INFO (CLIENT): The KaefNET was decoupled from the client and the client was adapted accordingly. Services that are no longer needed have been removed.
  • IMPROVEMENT (CLIENT/TWITCH): Multiple subscriptions (e.g. 10 gitfed subs) are now played correctly so that no user is forgotten.
  • IMPROVEMENT (CLIENT): The wording for the Bully Detection Service (formerly: IDS) has been adjusted and is now somewhat more neutral.
  • IMPROVEMENT (CLIENT): The settings window now also contains the addition "Settings" in the window title to be found more easily. :)
  • IMPROVEMENT (CLIENT): The Game Detection Service has been optimized and now detects games much faster than ever before.
  • INFO (CLIENT/TWITCH): The "fake /me" command check has been removed. Twitch has already taken care of this itself for some time now.

Game Detection Service Updates

Here you can see a list of changes to the constantly growing library of video games, which are automatically detected by the Game Detection Service in your KaefiBOT, and set for your platform (game category) as soon as you start a supported game on any supported platform like GeForce NOW, Shadow, Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG, XBOX and so on.

  • Activision Blizzard titles like "World of Warcraft", "Overwatch 2" and "Heroes of the Storm" are once again getting detected.
  • Minecraft's latest builds (1.19+) and upcoming ones are getting detected now.

Currently 537 Games are supported!


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