KaefiBOT v1.9.2

This is the translated Changelog from the official Community Discord.

  • Minecraft's future versions up to 1.20.x (Native Launcher/Microsoft Store/GeForce NOW) are now detected by Game Detection Service™️.
  • You can now select the input device (e.g. mouse or keyboard) and create interactive keys for the respective device in the settings. Furthermore, the mouse buttons (left & right) can now be assigned for interactive actions. Let your community e.g. mine or place the blocks for you in Minecraft... the limit is as always your imagination!
  • The Game Detection Service™️ has been further optimized and now detects games as soon as they have received the focus from you. This ensures that the category is not changed as soon as a known game is already starting in the background. You change the category only after you have actively clicked on the window and it has been detected as an active window.
  • Added a feature for the Interactive Actions that can randomly delay the Interactive Actions by up to 3 seconds to make them a little less predictable. This feature can be turned off in your settings.json, but is enabled by default at the time of release. Here, the chatbot randomly decides the duration and whether to delay an action. The duration is between 0 and 3 seconds.
  • If you are the chatbot, you can now use commands as intended if the command message was sent via the chatbot. A really old code snippet previously prevented this (to prevent loops and such). The chatbot has now been taught to distinguish between you (personality #1) and itself (personality #2). This particular case, however, as I said, only occurs when you use your own channel as a chatbot as well, not when you have a second account activated as a chatbot. So for most of you here, nothing changes with this fix.
  • The internal web browser (e.g. for YouTubeNOW™️) has been updated to the latest version.
  • API Updates.

As always please report Crashes, Bugs or other oddities. Thanks! :)


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