A downloadable Chatbot for Windows

Far more then just "a chatbot" for Twitch.tv

With this Toolset, "made by Streamers", your Session will be perfect.

Ever wanted a Toolset that can just do more for you and your Streams? Ever hated that Viewers, that changed their Nicknames, have to get re-aligned with already collected Coins in your Coinsystems? Well then this Toolset is for you! Since 2016 I program on this Toolset to make my own (and other Streamers) life A LOT easier and more comfortable.

What can KaefiBOT do for you?

  • You can easily edit your Stream-Title and Game
  • You can easily read chat in a "Discord"-Like Chat which also combines messages of the same Person. (also "Oldschool IRC" can be enabled in the Settings)
  • You can easily see who's chatting/watching in your Viewerlist.
  • The Chatbox has a autocomplete for your and my inbuild commands so you don't have to guess the writing. You can also use the arrow-up Key on your Keyboard to re-add the same message again.
  • It can change your Game on Twitch.tv at the moment you start the Game locally. The "Game Detection Service" can also connect with a second PC in your Network, is compatible with GeForce NOW, Steam InHome Streaming, Shadow PC, XCloud and XBOX Consoles for (currently) over 500 Games.
  • You can do interactive stuff (e.g. pressing a Key InGame by Commands/Emotes/Channelpoints).
  • You can play sounds by Commands/Emotes/Channelpoints.

And much ... MUCH ... more! You can see it in action almost every Day on my own Livestreams. :)

Support me and the Development of KaefiBOT on Ko-Fi

Some more Previews...

Here's some more previews in case you just want to checkout further.

formerly known as #StreamManager


KaefiBOT-v1.9.3.1-Setup.msi 137 MB
KaefiBOT-v1.9.3.1-Manual 125 MB

Install instructions

Just extract or install anywhere you like and run the "KaefiBOT.exe".

Next step is to enter your channels details (e.g. Name of channel) and oauth it. From there you can do whatever you like. Just reading chat, creating commands, creating a chatbot to moderate the chat while streaming and so on.

Development log

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